Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sculptures at the Smithsonian Museum of Art, Washington D.C.

    Edgar Degas- (1834-1917) Little Dancer Aged Fourteen, 1881, French

    Edward McCartan- (1879-1947) Nymph with Satyr, Bronze, 1920, AmericanEdward McCartan- Dionysus, Bronze, 1923, American

    Andrea Della Robbia- (1435-1525) Madonna and Child with Cherubim, terracotta, 1485, Florentine

    Giovanni Francesco Susini- (1585-1653) The Young Saint John the Baptist, marble, 1630, FlorentineAdriaen de Vries- (1556-1626) Empire Triumphant over Avarice, Bronze, 1610

    German-Saintly or Allegorical Figure-18th century-wood

    Gaetano Monti- (1750-1827) Head of a Bull, marble, 1824, MilanAlbert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse- (1824-1887) Fantasy Bust of a Veiled Woman, terracotta, 1870, French

    Auguste Rodin- (1840-1917) L'Age d'Airain, plaster, 1898, FrenchAuguste Rodin- (1840-1917) Bust of a Woman, terracotta plaster, 1875, French

    Auguste Rodin- (1840-1917) Bust of a Young Girl, terracotta plaster, 1868, FrenchAuguste Rodin- (1840-1917) Thomas Fortune Ryan, bronze, 1910, French

    Auguste Rodin- (1840-1917) Morning, marble, 1906, FrenchAuguste Rodin- (1840-1917) Le Baiser, The Kiss, bronze, 1898, French

    Auguste Rodin- (1840-1917) Premiere Impression d'Amour, woman/child, marble, 1901, French

    Auguste Rodin- (1840-1917) The Sirens, marble, 1900, bronze

    Auguste Rodin- (1840-1917) The Evil Spirits, marble, 1899, bronze

    Auguste Rodin- (1840-1917) Jean d'Aire, marble, 1889, bronze

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